Sonablate® HIFU Now Compatible with PSMA PET

Sonablate Corp., a global leader in minimally invasive focused ultrasound technologies, today announced that the Sonablate HIFU device is now compatible with PSMA PET.

Sonablate HIFU, in partnership with MIM Software Inc., currently allows for the import and fusion of multi-parametric MRI images from some of our fusion partners. The additional compatibility with PSMA PET will further increase precision when targeting prostate tissue.

PSMA PET is becoming an important diagnostic tool for urologists, for men who have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer as well as men who were previously treated but have experienced a recurrence of the cancer, also known as a salvage patient. PSMA PET can identify diseased tissue that is often missed by current imaging techniques. When used in conjunction with MRI, physicians are able to incorporate the PSMA information during HIFU planning and treatment delivery.

“Sonablate HIFU now being compatible with PSMA PET is a game changer for focal therapy. Having this additional layer of information incorporated into treatment planning will provide physicians an increased level of confidence and create the most precise and customized treatment plan possible.” Says Prof. Mark Emberton of University College London.

“The ability to visualize PSMA positive regions on the Sonablate device during treatment planning and delivery represents a step change in precision medicine.??? Says Dr. Arvin George of Johns Hopkins University. “I am able to optimize the treatment delivery zone with much greater confidence and ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.”

“The utilization of imaging to tailor management throughout the prostate cancer care pathway is rapidly expanding. We aim to provide physicians streamlined access to the critical information in those images at all steps in the care pathway, which is currently a major gap in urology.

In cooperation with Sonablate, we are thrilled to enable physicians to use the crucial information in PSMA PET images during HIFU planning and treatment.” Says Jon Piper, Chief Scientific Officer at MIM Software Inc.

This additional compatibility is available now to current Sonablate HIFU users via a system upgrade.

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